Volunteer Community Research Journalist (Neurodiversity & Placemaking) Opportunity

Role: Community Research Journalist
Length: 1-month placement
Hours per week: 8 (Casual)
Location: work from home

Do you care deeply about social justice and fostering a welcoming environment in communities, especially for those who struggle with neurodiversity issues? If you're interested in journalism or research and want to practise getting your work published online, we have the role for you.

Our lives are centred around the places we live, visit with friends, shop, have fun, and even take care of our mental health.

But are our public spaces actually welcoming to all individuals and accessible to those with neurodiversity issues? Is there anything we can do as a group to solve this?

Rethink Re:Place is returning this year, and we need volunteers who are interested in helping our research team interview business executives, people working in the placemaking industry, and people trying to make the world a better place for neurodiversity.

The first Rethink Re:Place Festival was held in 2021, and it examined the use of tactical urbanism to fill financial shortfalls for community development in a post-Covid-19 era. A team of volunteers produced a rich and engaging campaign that consisted of blogs, interviews and a policy hackathon that was attended by over 150 people, and we want to match that success this time with you being at the centre of it.

This is a casual role, you can concentrate on one or mix and match the following:

⦿ Write blogs on placemaking and neurodiversity
⦿ Interview industry leaders who are doing innovative things
⦿ Support in online workshops

You’ll receive:

⦿ A weekly one to one meet up
⦿ A volunteer plan with weekly objectives so you will always have guidance but you will have the freedom to deviate with support
⦿ The opportunity to create networks with international leaders and you will of course be credited for all content you create
⦿ The opportunity to work on an international policy driver project
⦿ A written recommendation and certification at the end of your placement

We most definitely welcome people from the neurodiversity community.

If you would like to learn more about the role or apply, please email michael@new-union.org outlining why you are interested in the role and what you would like to learn.