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If you work in the Government or third sector you will know open data are words you hear often but we really understand what it is and what we can do with it?

As Local Gov looks to release more data and become transparent, we all have to ask ourselves is the data release actually of use to people and consider if it is going to be used, to answer that question you need to think like a social activist.

Using open data is seen as quite academic but does it need to be? Well no, normal people can use open data and there is no reason why community activist who live or work in our neighbourhoods but in order for this to happen, a different approach is needed and that is where Data Brew comes in.

Data Brew is a project that is the link between Government and normal people looking to create a bottom up agenda in regards to open data, making sure the community sector is involved in the decision making process in regards to policy.

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Workshops - bringing together Council and the third sector who operate in their area to map needs, collect current knowledge and guide on what data people would like to see - the evidence from these participants workshops based around activities are presented in a report which Councils have used for guidance in regards to strategy and policy.

Campaigns - helping community groups to run campaigns built around the lanagde and interests of the organisation. This gives us valuable insights on how we can target maximum impact and tailor outreach to ensure our projects have social value.

Digital databank training - via the website third sector have the opportunity to create their own data campaigns for free. This gives users hands on experience of collecting data and releasing it for social good.

Advice and guidance - helping Local Authorities to engage with their communities to ensure their open data agenda community centric and having the best chance that the data they will release will actually be used and make a difference to their residents.

If you are interested in working with Data Brew to connect citizens to your open data agenda, you can get in contact here.

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“It was a really great opportunity to bring people together from different teams, people who I haven't thought would work together in terms of data. We can really look at some of those opportunities that have have got and bringing in other sectors. Fantastic times and really really good discussions.”

Kevin, ICT Manager, Lichfield District Council

“I thought today's session on open data was brilliant, What I got from today is how I can find data we can really use and I how a lot more about those places where I can search for that data.”

Debbie, Black Country Womens Aid

“I thought today's session was really useful as before I was not sure what open data is and what it means to organisations. It’s been good as well to understand what open data means but to see with all the other organisation here today in regards to what it means to them too and how we can work together.”

Chloe, Sandwell Council