Download: Deaf Digital Connect Hackathon I Social Isolation & the Deaf Community Workshop

Congratulations for following the link, here you will be able to download your workshop but if you need any assistance you can contact Nathan at

In March 2020 we ran a policy hackathon with the deaf community in Sandwell to gauge their feelings about what are the factors that affect social isolation and how we can combat it using digital media.

It gives Local Government or Deaf Organisations an opportunity to gain valuable insight on social isolation in the deaf community and then use that to influence policy or new projects.

This workshop is transferable to all regions and can be edited as such, you are free to edit what you want but please do use the Deaf Digital Connect name and share your no-sensitive information with us.

It is a free resource you can conduct with the deaf community in your region, it is a great tool to gather information to how you can tailor your outreach to deaf people in regards using digital to fight social isolation.

If you choose to hold this workshop for yourself, you are completely free to do so but all we ask if that you post a photo on social media with the hashtag #DeafDigitalConnect and if any articles do come from the workshop, we would love to see them.