Download: Future of Work Hackathon I Youth Democracy Workshop

Congratulations for following the link, here you will be able to download your workshop but if you need any assistance you can contact Nathan at

In August 2019 we ran a youth democracy hackathon at Sandwell College with their students to find out what they really feel about their working opportunities in the area that they live - because it was so successful we have edited the workshop and made it available for anybody to download and facilitate.

It is a free resource you can conduct with the young people that you support, it can act as a great tool to teach young people about the basics of social activism and how they can hold decision makers accountable and we have made it available for you to facilitate with your young people.

As you can imagine there was some heated debate and the activities worked well in regards to forming a story in regards to a real working landscape from their point of view. It can be used as a great policy driver or something you can use as a base of evidence for young people are work reports or articles.

The workshop takes around an hour and a half to run so it quite short, we found this is better in regards to engaging young people.

If you choose to hold this workshop for yourself, you are completely free to do so but all we ask if that you post a photo on social media with the hashtag #DemJam and if any articles do come from the workshop, we would love to see them.

The age range we recommend is 16 to 20 so it is perfect for school leavers and college students, it is probably best suited to Local Government Youth Participation Services as it can be used as proof to form strategy and eviecence the use of innovation in regards to community engagement.

This workshop was designed as part of the #DemJam youth activism platform, which is a series of events that look to empower young people to make a difference in their community.