iSandwell Digital Festival

Service Social project curation
Location Across Sandwell's 6 towns
Client Sandwell Council

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In May 2019 Sandwell Council approach us to design a festival that will shed a light on digital innovation within the Sandwell region. So, we came up with a brand for the festival and identified local organisations to facilitate events with their users groups.

We worked closely with each organisation to design and deliver workshops that are relative to their work and offer them an opportunity to learn something new. Events ran from Monday to Saturday and we made sure all events are open to the public, let's take a look at the events.

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The Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust/Man_Age

It is no secret that social media can have an impact on anybody’s mental health but how can men with mental health issues navigate this minefield safely. In this workshop male mental project MAN_AGE teamed up with The Recovery College (Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) to work with service users to create an open toolkit that other men can access when looking to use social media safety, you can download this here.

Sandwell Community Hubs

With the invention of the tablet it has actually opened a new door for connectivity, from keeping in touch with family who have moved away to looking to tackle loneliness for older people - in these hand holding type sessions throughout the week, Sandwell Community Hubs showed local people how using accessible technology such as tablets that it can fight social isolation.

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West Bromwich Albion Foundation

WBA Foundation work with some of the most marginalised children in the country so we wanted to create a fun event that looked to aspiration. With children aging from 7 to 13 we created a fake sports news brief and set the task of the children creating a video news piece of the Champions League being held at West Bromwich Albion's Hawthorns stadium, you can watch what they did here.

Options for Life
Langley Green

With funding from the National Lottery, Options For Life have been doing some really innovative work. In this workshop they showcased how they use digital tech to support people with multiple learning disabilities access music and enhance their sensory experience.

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Fab Lab
Schools across Sandwell

Over the course of the iSandwell project we have championed digital making in the region from training the social sector on how they can utilize it to support their work and encourage education. So we sent Fab Lab out to perform a series of workshops in schools showcasing 3D printing and giving children the opportunity to make their own robot.

Sandwell Council Youth Democracy Services
Schools across Sandwell

All over Sandwell the Council run a series of youth democracy projects so we looked to create an event that would train then to use video media as a means for campaigning using assessable tech such as mobile phones. We enlisted the help of a professional vlogger to run training workshops in secondary schools across Sandwell.

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Sandwell College
West Bromwich

Over the course of the iSandwell project we have been lucky enough to interact with a lot of young people who live in Sandwell and we have always had a lot to say so we wanted to hold an event to ask them what they thought of the future and current state of work in Sandwell. The young people were put through 5 activities in a hackathon setting, including a debate on what they would like to hold MPs accountable on, you can see feedback here.

Sandwell Libraries/Data Brew
Sessions across Sandwell

One of the biggest struggles new social enterprises face in Sandwell with intelligence gathered from libraries is the access to digital support and having the finances to develop websites so we tasked Data Brew to hold one to one sessions with change makers who have booked in to design bespoke websites and offer digital advice, these sessions were ran across Sandwell.

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The Art Yard
Cradley Heath

A unique experience for people from the local area to work closely with local artists and view historical images from the area. Participants were encouraged to bring their own images with them and have the opportunity to learn how to edit their images.

Black Country Housing Group/Click Start

Offered a free IT support and benefit advice drop in. We are offering advice with Universal Credit/benefits, help with smart phones/technology, social media, job search and training as well as 1-2-1 appointments.