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iSandwell Academy

iSandwell Academy is an open education program for voluntary sector organisations in Sandwell giving access to improved skills and digital output. This is delivered via a series of 6 participative workshops where attendees learn about subjects such as social media strategy, gathering evidence online for funding applications, collecting data and social campaigning to name a few.

Through these workshops participants are also driving the wider iSandwell agenda. By taking part in a series of activities information is collated into an evidence base and used as third sector consultation/information that is available on iSandwell.

Once the workshops are delivered all resources are posted here for other people to run the workshop themselves, in essence this is aimed at organisations in Sandwell but there is nothing to stop other areas of the UK to access these tools.

Download full workshops
Lesson 1 - Building Evidence Online, The Basics

Lesson 2 - Social Media Strategy

Lesson 3 - Running Digital Campaigns

Lesson 4 - Young Digital Champions

Lesson 5 - Digital Champions

Upcoming events

Thursday 28th February - Lesson 6 - How the Sandwell Voluntary Sector, Social Enterprise and Community Groups can utilise Digital Making

Tuesday 5th March - Lesson 7 - Inspiring the Next Generation Through Coding and Digital Making - Tools for Youth Workers and Organisations

Helpful documents
Social Media Strategy Template

Campaign Planning Template

Campaigning Evaluation Report Template