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iSandwell Accelerator

Funding grassroots civic technology projects in Sandwell alongside mentorship.

Working in partnership with Sandwell Community Information and Participation Service (SCIPS) £10,000 was made available for Sandwell’s third sector to create their own digital community projects.

Alongside this we are offering in depth mentoring to develop digital social action projects and also learning about civic tech, smart cities and social innovation. We hope this will install a new way of thinking in the area and imbed processes that these organisations can implement in Sandwell through the sharing of knowledge and success.

On this cohort we have funded:

Future VI Festival - a series of events looking at how technology can involve to better support visually impaired people in Sandwell including the creation of a people’s charter that Sandwell Council and stakeholders can use to include visually impaired peoples views in regards to digitalisation plans. Facilitated by Sandwell VI.

#iCanSandwell - a young person’s positive role model that uses social media and physical interaction to promote young people in Sandwell. Facilitated by Creative Academies.

Managing Data Toolkit - an online toolkit and series of workshops to support Sandwell’s voluntary organisations to understand their legal obligations around collecting data, the practical barriers to collecting data and some of the benefits to growing their group. The toolkit will set out best practice, in relation to managing data, as well as developing a structured process to develop a fit for purpose data management strategy. Facilitated by Inside Outcomes CIC.

Interactive Sandwell Community - a community hub that is collecting a digital narrative of what it means to live in Sandwell in 2018, this will be documented by blogs and videos. Facilitated by CBO.

Sandwell Community Hub - a digital mapping project in Wednesbury with 45 citizens highlighting digital issues and offering solutions to close the digital divide for local people by local people. This will be evidenced by a series of written blogs and micro documentaries. Facilitated by Friar Park Millennium Centre.

These successful applications were commissioned via a scoring system chosen by impartial members of iSandwell Commissioning Group and not by Sandwell Council, SCIPS or New Union..

iSandwell Accelerator 2018 Cohort

  • Darren Wright

    Inside Outcomes CIC

    iSandwell project: Data Toolkit Sandwell

    Our toolkit will help you to tackle things like understanding what data protection means to your organisation. Concerns about data protection regulations are very current for many organisations; we want to work with you to demystify the rules and give you practical tips for keeping information secure.

    We will then collate that information on a digital platform that local third sector can use to better understand understand and data.
  • Tony Averis

    Chair of Sandwell Visually Impaired

    iSandwell project: Sandwell VI Festival

    SVI is a user led organisation of blind and visually impaired people, with 500 members; we strive to remove the barriers that prevent VI people from equal inclusion in society.

    As digitalisation becomes more and more essential for everyone in order to accomplish everyday tasks, visually impaired people, many of whom have lost their sight in later life, are at real risk of being left behind. SVI wants to introduce accessible and affordable technology to people who don’t have the skills or confidence to use it without support and guidance. We also want to work towards positively influencing local government digital policy in the Sandwell region and beyond.

    To do the above we will hold a mini festival in West Bromwich which will consist of two workshops alongside a series of audio blogs documenting personal reflection on the activities.
  • Jannath Ahmed

    Confederation of Bangladeshi Organisations

    iSandwell project: Interactive Sandwell Community Hub

    CBO is a community based organisation that has been running for the past 32 years, we have a great reputation within the local community and we have an open door policy where we welcome people from all walks of live. However, we are not benefitting from social media and this project will be new and innovative and enable us as an organisation as well as beneficiaries to understand digital opportunity better. The project idea is to have an Interaction Sandwell community Hub for the local community where they will be able to learn the skills to get active online. We will have session where the local community will learn about online presence, creating social media accounts, using various online tools. The community will learn how to use the internet , set up a YouTube channel to showcase the goings on in the local ward as well as the Greets Green garden and Community Hub.
  • Daniel Lal

    Creative Academies

    iSandwell project: #iCanSandwell

    We will be working with iSandwell to develop a youth-led social media campaign called #iCAN in order to accelerate aspirations and ambitions for young people aged 14-21yrs through online and offline campaigning across Sandwell.

    Young people will engage in developing positive messages through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram using the hashtag #iCAN with supporting text or images to reinforce their involvement in the campaign.

    The campaign will work with local people, organisations and Sandwell-based primary and secondary schools that will allow a wealth of beneficiaries to engage with the hash tag #iCAN. CAN’s internal youth management board and newly appointed #iCANchampions will be the driving force to ensure that their peers and the wider public are able to participate.