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iSandwell Camp

iSandwell Camp is an annuall conference where by the community comes together and helps shape strategic direction around a theme that is important to iSandwell priorities.

In the 2017 iSandwell Camp participants actually helped to shape how we would build the iSandwell project, this year we are turning our attention to Digital Champion training.

We see the iSandwell Camp as another opportunity to bring new thinking to the region as such we are inviting guest facilitators to hold the events, the 2018 iSandwell Camp will see Pauline Roche, MD of RnR and West Midlands Open Data Forum Chair facilitate and design the event.

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You can download all of the resources and feedback from the 2017 event by clicking here, please note it is a large file.

There is also a YouTube video from the day, which you can view here.