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Digital Champions

The iSandwell Digital Champion network is the volunteering program for the project. Here we upskill local people to can use digital to make change in their own community.

There are two methods in regards to how people can be involved as a Digital Champion:

1. Community journalism - Digital Champions use digital to document digital issues unique to Sandwell.

So far we have had Digital Champions offer advice on social media data protection, saving money online, digital religious issues, digital capacity in the 6 towns alongside video blogs on Sandwell third sector digital needs and technology to people with disabilities.

2. Creating capacity for the third sector in Sandwell - for more confident Digital Champions they will be able to work with local third sector groups who struggle with their own digital output.

This is the employability angle of the program where participants can learn on the job skills which can be transferred into career skills.

If you would like to join the Digital Champion network you can fill out the applciation form below and post it back to us or email hello@isandwell.org.uk for more information.

Application Form - Role Description