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iSandwell Lab

iSandwell Lab is a way to celebrate social innovation in the Sandwell region and offers guidance to our network of Digital Champions.

Each month we’ll be holding a public meeting around the region where people can express what is important to them and drive the iSandwell project forward by ensuring we stick to the community narrative.

So far we our themes have ranged from how can digital help improve our neighbourhoods, open data in the community, creating a Digital Citizens Charter, health & young people in Sandwell and in February we start our Digital Making month with events across Sandwell.

The Lab is a safe space for community, third sector and activists to come together to share their values and create social change in the region - through this we hope to encourage better collaboration when it comes to social innovation and support people to create new projects that have social good.

If you are interested in creating content or attending future iSandwell Lab’s email Nathan by clicking here.