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iSandwell Roadshow

Ensuring the community is at the heart of our consultation is incredibly important for a region such as Sandwell. Available information tells us the area has good digital skills but does not use them as much as other similar areas.

To consult effectively this meant physically interacting with people - visiting the Sandwell 6 towns and having stalls in the town centres - we also presented at the Sandwell New Year New Start event which was aimed at young people looking for work and education opportunities in the area.

To date, we have surveyed 116 people and interacted with over 500 people at these events.

All of the data collected went live in a series of blogs via the iSandwell blog platform. This not only shares the information collected but also offers the opportunity for local organisations to use that data to support their own funding tenders.

If you would like to join the Digital Champion network you can fill out the applciation form below and post it back to us or email hello@isandwell.org.uk for more information.

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