Download: Open Data for Everybody toolkit

Congratulations for following the link, here you will be able to download your workshop but if you need any assistance you can contact Nathan at

Controversially, we do not really think that open data is an open agenda, through our work we have come across a social culture of it being an academic issue covered with a smattering of buzzwords that does not transcend to the people who can really make a change in your community, those who live and work in your charities, community and voluntary organisations.

Why? They can’t understand what you are talking about and if we are honest, in a world where trust between Local Gov and citizens is really crucial we sometimes take a step back and take stock.

We think we are missing opportunities here and as part of our findings from running these workshops we found community groups get mobilised when they learn they use open data for funding applications, mapping social trends and device nice gathering for reports or articles, this might be obvious to tech professionals, but it's not to the third sector.

As professionals we are also prone to be afraid to ask questions and since the open data movement has whirlwind forward, some Local Government Officers think it has gone past the point where they feel they can say they need more training on the issue, this workshop is for you or your staff, this workshop is designed so people can come together and learn as a collective.

This workshop is excellent consultation for the creation of a community founded of open data policy or as part of your digital strategy, it is evidencible community engagement that you have included your citizens in decisions.

The workshop has been tried and tested with Councils across the West Midlands and we know it works and believe it can do good in other areas. Our core foundation is that we see ourselves as campaigners who are passionate about social action so this is us putting our money where our mouth is, literally.

If you would like to run this for yourself it is completely free and there are no hidden costs, we just ask you to share your findings and share photos on Twitter using the #ODFE hashtag, all the guidance of how to collate your information are in the toolkit.