Our hackathon and event offer

From Birmingham to Brazil we’ve been trusted to design and deliver events that facilitate meaningful conversations about change while offering participants an opportunity to take part in the decisions that affect them.

From policy hackathons that can gather civic consultation to training for your staff, we’ve designed events that cover anything from climate change, placemaking, disability rights, youth democracy, digital strategy and much more. You bring the issue and then we’ll prepare a brief of how it will look, only when you are happy with the engagement we would move to the commissioning stage.

We could type out a lengthy market spiel but the proof is in our record, we’ve been trusted by organisations of all sizes from the governments of the UK, Germany, the United States, Colombia, Romania, Slovakia, Scotland, Kenya to local governments across England, Germany, Czech Republic, Canada and Brazil. We’ve also worked with some of Europe's biggest social foundations and think tanks to small grassroots voluntary organisations that work in some of our marginalised communities in places such as Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Malta and our native UK.

We’ve slashed our prices until the 1st of March 2023 to encourage new customers and collaborators to come and test us out without financial risk or damage to your departmental budgets. So, in the name of transparency and openness, here they are:
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These prices include our day rate to design the event, facilitation of the event itself and then evaluation, costs do not include room hire, refreshments and any other mitigating expenses.

Online Workshop
1.5-hour workshops with one participative activity

Standard workshop
2-hour workshops with one participative activity
You can double this up to make a 4-hour workshop

Policy hackathon
Do you need to gather intelligence to form policy or strategy quickly around a certain issue? Perhaps you want to engage local businesses or the community on a new tool, product or whatever, running a policy hackathon is the perfect research and development tool.

What are policy hackathons? A day-long, policy problem-solving event where you get to work in teams comprised of participants from a similar background to the issue you are engaging on, these could be workers, businesses, activists and students. It is an opportunity to collabor
ate and share ideas with the goal of formulating innovative solutions.

What’s included:
- Design and facilitation of a 5-hour policy hackathon with three participative activities
- Branding of the hackathon, including graphical content to share on social media
- All of the workshop feedback will be compiled into a report and infographic along with sending your the raw data

Social incubators
This is a great way to bring a cohort of people together over a period to help them prototype ideas from initial conception to the final test and learn stage, it’s an amalgamation of mentoring, skills development and social entrepreneurship.

What’s included:
- 6 half-day events will be held over 6 weeks with the design and facilitation of each - Branding for your project
- A static website
- Evaluation

Conference design
What’s included:
- Design of the day and organising of 1 outbreak session
- Booking of speakers and panel discussion
- Branding and marketing, including social media
- Evaluation

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