Rethink Re:Place

Service Placemaking training
Location Everywhere
Client Open source

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Rethink Re:Place is a New Union project that makes placemaking user-friendly, by offering training opportunities and upskilling techniques. We know it can be difficult to engage the community - either they’re uninterested or otherwise in the dark about what it is they can do - and so we’re creating a suite of toolkits that explain placemaking’s various facets in easy-to-understand, straightforward language.

The suite explores Placemaking 101, Community Focused Tactical Urbanism, Grassroots Guerilla Gardening, Digital Narratives; The Human Element and more, by placing participants into relatable and understandable scenarios. Our workshops engage and inform everyone from local government, to third-sector organisations, and community volunteer groups. Perhaps most important, they facilitate meaningful conversations, creating the framework that allows the exchange of ideas and best practice.

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The examples provided are of projects that have grown successfully from small-scale ideas and activism, proving to participants that they can and should enact change in their communities - after all, who knows where it will lead? At its core, Rethink Re:Place would like to inspire and empower people to make the change they want to see.

Now is the time to proactively invigorate our communities, and the subsequent workshops in the suite are the ideal way to do that for little investment. These workshops are designed with materials so that anybody can facilitate them: from the workshop manuscript to even promotional tools, it not only brings people together around the subject of place but instills new skills into your everyday work.

Find out for yourself, you can download the first workshop Community Focused Tactical Urbanism toolkit right now. It is open source, licenced under the Creative Commons framework, and is completely free of charge. We encourage everybody to take advantage of it - you can do that by clicking here.

If you need any help with the downloadable toolkit or you would like to learn more about further Rethink Re:Place workshops we are currently designing, please email