Service Hackathon & Community Journolism
Location Uganda & UK
Client Volunteer

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Working closely with Ugandan based social innovation organisation Pollicy to bring together cohorts of young people in Kampala and the West Midlands to create collaborative content on the important subject of human trafficking.

Did you know that every single town in the UK is affected by human trafficking in one way or the other? No, neither did participants in the UK cohort of #TraffickHack but it did awake a passion to raise awareness on the issue.

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Two hackathons were also held to gather feedback on a range subjects such as:

- How can we ensure our message' reaches different types of people?
- How can we as people raise awareness in our own neighbourhood?
- How can young people be more vigilant and prevent human trafficking?
- How would you explain human trafficking to a friend?

Both hackathons were ran in the same format in Uganda and the UK, asking the same questions and collecting feedback that is presented as a digital toolkit.

Young people also reflected on social issues in each others countries alongside their own by interviewing each other and then creating a series of blogs.

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“We’ve all got to be vigilant about human trafficking. It could happen anywhere so it is important that we as a community raise awareness to this massively important issue. I was very pleased to learn about the #TraffickHack18 project where young people from Dudley teamed with counterparts in Uganda to reflect on human trafficking in each others countries and their own, facilitated by New Union here in The Black Country and Pollicy in Kampala.

“It makes me proud to see innovation being used to engage our communities, especially the young people from Dudley Youth Council who are working hard to raise awareness on this issue and I look forward to following their progress as they campaign for change.”

Ian Austin, Member of Parliament for Dudley North