Meet Verity....

Hello! I’m really excited to be volunteering on the Rethink Re:Place project and I’ll be working with Alex to coordinate the Tactical Urbanism Festival in 2021 (watch this space!). I’ll also be interviewing people around the world to learn more about weird, wonderful and powerful placemaking and tactical urbanism projects!

I’m interested in the power of urban public space to improve wellbeing, and particularly how bottom-up, citizen-led processes can facilitate this. Growing up in Brighton (UK), I have seen the potential for people to transform the experience of public space in vibrant and varied ways – from large scale events in the annual Brighton Fringe Festival to smaller day-to-day actions like painting street murals.

Last year I studied abroad at the University of Melbourne and this was a great chance to see how another city approached ideas of placemaking! For a few months I lived in th inner-city suburb of Brunswick – widely known for its bohemian culture and a strong music and arts scene. There were lots of amazing placemaking and tactical urbanism projects going on! I enjoyed seeing the suburb transformed for their annual street party. This was an explosion of sights, smells and sounds as 1km of the street was closed to traffic and pedestrians, buskers and community stallholders were invited in.

On my walk to class everyday I also loved spotting guerrilla knitting projects popping up across the suburb!

Through my Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences degree at the university of Birmingham I’ve enjoyed having the chance to approach ideas relevant to urban wellbeing through the lens of urban design and planning, geography, psychology and philosophy. I’m in my final year now and currently working on a dissertation looking at citizens' right to the city and citizen participation in urban planning decision making. I’m really excited about volunteering on Rethink Re:Place and learning more about how participating in placemaking and tactical urbanism can be made more accessible!

Aside from my interests in placemaking and tactical urbanism, I am a fan of watching and practicing all things circus – from tightrope to trapeze!